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  1. IGF 2018 - Policy Options for Connecting and Enabling the Next Billions (CENB): Phase IV - Draft Output (pre-IGF)

    ... Options for Connecting and Enabling the Next Billions (CENB) IV  has functioned in a bottom-up, multi-stakeholder, and ... Output Document draft . Drawing on the same process, CENB IV invites all interested to comment and contribute in its draft outputs. ...

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  2. IGF Intersessional Outputs - Your Feedback Wanted

    ... Options for Connecting and Enabling the Next Billion(s) (CENB IV) have now published their draft outputs for the 2018 cycle.  ... below.   ► IGF Best Practice Forums & CENB BPF IoT , Big Data, AI Draft Output The ...


  3. BPF Cybersecurity (2017)

    ... UN SDGs.   Cybersecurity assessment of the CENB (s) recommendations The BPF performed a cybersecurity assessment of the CENB output documents and identified ten potential risks and security ...


  4. CENB – Phase IV

    ... approaches from market-based to government-based. CENB IV maps several local access projects which make progress on SDG 7 such ... and organizations that form these partnerships. CENB IV session at the 13th Internet Governance Forum 2018, UNESCO, Paris ...


  5. IGF 2017 - Day 1 - Room XXVII - CENB III

    Embedded video for IGF 2017 - Day 1 - Room XXVII - CENB III · Get the Report of the Session HERE ...

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  6. IGF 2016 Main Session: BPFs and CENB Phase II

    ... Introduce the Session/Overview of IGF BPFs and CENB Community Work  Presentation of BPF Work/Outputs Presentation of CENB Phase II Work/Outputs  Audience Q/A w/ BPF and CENB ...


  7. CENB – Phase IV

    ... Billion(s) – Phase IV The objective for the CENB IV is to collect concrete stories showcasing how connecting the next ...


  8. CENB III 2017 Contributions

    ... aportes_colnodo_cnb_fase_iii_-_ii.pdf cenb_iii_oghia_hovsepyan.pdf ...

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  9. Connecting and Enabling the Next Billion (CENB)

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  10. CENB

    Folder Description:  Files:  cenb_output_paper_draft.pdf cenb_iv_output_document.pdf ...

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