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  1. IGF 2017 Attendance & Programme Statistics

    ... sessions; 99 workshops; 45 open forums; 4 individual BPF sessions; 15 individual DC sessions; 8 individual NRIs sessions; 13 ...


  2. IGF 2020 WS #168 Capacity Building in the Age of Convergence

    ... in a report that will be brought to discussion at the BPF on Data and New Technologies in an Internet Context and published for ... build upon existing work at the IGF – in particular, the BPF on AI, IoT, and Big Data. Converging technologies are changing governance ...


  3. IGF 2020 Main Session DATA: Data governance and practices lessons during COVID-19 pandemic

    ... findings, experience and ideas collected in devoted work of BPF on Data and New Technologies will be incorporated into this Main Session ...

    Main Session

  4. IGF 2018 WS #172 Accessibility Improved: building inclusive societies with AI

    ... active on this subject (DC on Accessibility and Disability, BPF on Gender and Access, CENB, BPF on AI, NRIs, etc.). Diversity:  This workshop aims to ...


  5. Taking Stock of IGF 2019 and Call for Inputs for IGF 2020

    ... workshops, main sessions, high level sessions, open forums, BPF, DC and NRIs sessions, as well as on the speakers and quality of ...


  6. NRIs Collaborative Session on Internet Governance for Sustainable Development

    ... . ○ BPF on Internet exchange points (IXPs) ○ BPF Gender ● Dynamic Coalitions: ...


  7. IGF 2020 WS #325 Internet of Things: Trust, Trick or Threats?

    ... manner, furthering richer discussions on the subject. The BPF on “IoT, Big Data and IA” highlights security and privacy as important ... bodies such as IETF/IRTF and ICANN ACs. DC-ISSS and BPF on IoT can also address it. 9. Group Photo:  ...


  8. Summary of Second IGF 2020 Open Consultations Day 2 (16 June)

    ... , a new process underway to review how to strengthen the BPF process in future, Dynamic Coalitions (DCs) , and the National, ...

    News Item

  9. IGF 2017 WS #238 Local Content: an opportunity for human, economic and social development and free flow of information in underserved regions: The MENA as an example

    ... in the room assigned for our workshop (XXVII – E), and the BPF accepted (Wim degezelle). We were surprised to see that the session has ... on the date, time and room number (XXVII-E). The BPF took 40 minutes in the beginning of the session to present the forum and ...



    ... with other sessions The 2018 IGF will feature a BPF Cybersecurity session and 17 workshops under the theme of cybersecurity, ...

    Main Session


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