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  1. Building Bridges ----The Role of Governments in Multistakeholder Cooperation

    ... the Commission for Science and Technology for Development, CSTD . They recommended that the IGF session should focus on two or three ... and that is in line with the recommendations from the CSTD Working Group on IGF improvements, that we highlight where we have points ...


  2. EI Workshop 214: A Practical and Pragmatic Look at Making Cloud Successful in Developing World

    ... And also the one of the five global business reprints in the CSTD work group on IGF improvement.  Thank you. >> BURT KALISKI:  I am ...


  3. Side events and Pre Events

    ... Pre-event on human rights 6. Consultation on the  CSTD Working group on the IGF Main Session Hall, Thursday, 16 ...


  4. Main Sessions/ ‘Focus Sessions’

    ... policy questions, as per the recommendations of the CSTD working group on improvements to the IGF , divergent and convergent ...


  5. IGF 2017 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 1

    ... for nine years.  That would allow implementation of those CSTD Working Group on Improvements recommendations that has not been fully ... efforts, responding to the call at WSIS+10 in line with the CSTD recommendations on IGF improvements, and I think here we've said this, but ...

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  6. 60 days remain until the 10th Internet Governance Forum in Joao Pessoa, Brazil

    ... It is direct response to the recommendation of the UN CSTD Working Group on improvements of IGF that called for more tangible ...


  7. December 2014 - IGF Open Consultations and MAG Meeting - Day 1 - Morning

    ... of outcomes of plenipotentiary conference of ITU, CSTD , WSIS +10 review preparations, the CSTD Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation results, the ICANN CGI and WEF ...


  8. IGF2013 - Orientation Sessions

    ... and mandate of the IGF and MAG -          CSTD role and WGs -          Multistakeholder model and roles: ...


  9. Arab ICT Organisation: Developement of Arabic Content Facing the Future Internet

    ... friend, the head of the KTR of the United Commission for CSTD .  I'd like to inform you of the outcome of the WSIS in Geneva and ...


  10. Orientation Session - Day 1

    ... Role and mandate of the IGF and MAG CSTD role and WGs Multistakeholder model and roles: ...



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