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    ... actually been specifically about what's going on with the CSTD working group on improvements to the IGF was one of our sort of topics ...


  2. FINISHED - 2014 09 05 - Closing Ceremony - Anadolu Auditorium

    ... to improve and strengthen the IGF in line with the CSTD Working Group accommodation with the participation of everyone here in ...



    ... When preparing the IGF, we took the recommendations of the CSTD Working Group on IGF seriously. In particular, we followed some ...


  4. 2015 11 11 WS 68 Can Civil Society Impact Global Internet Governance? Workshop Room 10 FINISHED

    ... national IGF process, and talk a little bit also about the CSTD and WSIS + 10 and what we've been dealing nationally with it.  First of ... We contributed to the ten‑year review process at the CSTD through a multi‑stakeholder paper.  So my government did not submit a ...


  5. 1-31 May 2009

    ...   On the other hand, I understand next week's CSTD meeting is to evaluate the Follow-up WSIS. Does it also include IGF? If so, how will CSTD's activities be associated with IGF Review process down this road?  ...


  6. Internet Governance for Development

    ... that are taken be it in ICANN or IETF or at the ECOSOC or CSTD or whatever mechanism that is created relate to Internet, and those who ... to be part of the consultation process initiated by CSTD. At the national level we set up a national IGF forum.  And we will ...


  7. Paris IGF Open Consultations 2 Sep 2015 (Morning Session only)

    ... not just include IGF but include UNESCO, ITU, as well as CSTD , they are all considered. But there have also been requests not to ... in various other settings, whether it's the ITU or UNESCO or CSTD or IEEE or the IETF or ICANN, we see the uniqueness of this forum. And we ...


  8. Dynamic Coalition on open Standards

    ... under discussion.  And there is a working group of the CSTD , the Commission on Science and Technology for Development which is going ...


  9. 22 May 2015 MAG Meeting Transcript Morning Session

    ... I'm in support of, I would suggest also including the CSTD mapping in this process as well, based on discussions with Peter Major. ... to say something very quickly.  I do support inviting the CSTD secretariat to join to present the mapping, and it would be the ...


  10. IGF 2017 - Day 3 - Room XXVII - WS150 Good Governance with Governments: Getting Governments Involved in Internet Governance

    ... going to have a a kind of consultative meetings within the CSTD or shall we use the IGF as a forum for enhanced cooperation or shall we ... will be in the form of options.  It will be taken up by the CSTD, Commission of Science and Technology for Development, for discussions.  ...

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