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    ... 4:30 PM WORKSHOP 234 DANGERS OF INTERNET ECONOMY FROM IRRESPONSIBLE SCALE       ... do the survey for me as well. So we have a little bit of the digital perspective added on. So I'm going to try to keep the context of the ...


  2. IGF 2018 WS #325 Regulation at the age of online platform-based economy

    ... Organizer 1: Salwa Toko , French Digital Council - Conseil national du numérique Speaker ... groups. The rise of the digital platform economy is now an established fact. Indeed, over the last two decades, a few ...


  3. IGF 2020 High-Level Leaders Track: Economy

    ... of countries are usually severely affected. The use of digital technologies can help reduce the harm, for instance through placing more importance on digital trade and remote working. But, digitization processes in economic areas ...

    Ceremonial/HL Session

  4. IGF 2020 Call For Validation of Thematic Tracks

    ... that the Berlin themes of  Data Governance ;  Digital Inclusion  and  Security, Safety, Stability, Resilience   ... climate change and environmental sustainability and digital economy ‎- as important issues that should be considered for the 2020 ...


  5. IGF 2021 WS #244 “Silicon Value”: the competitive economy of privacy

    ... data protection law (LGPD). Another research regarding digital advertising spending in Brazil points out that 63% of agencies and ... will invest more than half of their total media budgets on digital platforms. Regarding expectations, 45% will increase the amount spent ...


  6. IGF 2021 Pre-Events

    ... - (not only) youth workshop  Samsung Digital wellbeing - a fad or a real need for every generation? ... online IAB Poland Taxation of the digital economy - current challenges National Centre for Research and ...


  7. NRIs Annual Meetings 2018

    ... Instagram Main theme: Shape our digital future February         ... Twitter Main theme:  Development of Digital Economy and Emerging Technology in West Africa. IGF-USA ...


  8. IGF 2018 Workshop Selection Results

    ... on platforms 104 Well-being in the Digital Age (OECD Going Digital Project) 132 Towards a ... 440 Emerging Youth Practices and the Digital Economy 443 The Internet and Jobs: preparing Gen YZ for ...


  9. IGF 2019 – Day 3 – Convention Hall II – Promoting free data flow with trust in a digitally connected world, Osaka Track, Biarritz Strategy and the future

    ... company.  Today we'd like to hold a main session on digital threat titled promoting free data flow with trust in a digitally ... well as the political tensions which are impacted the global economy. Digital economy has been growing continuously with ICTs such ...

    Transcript page

  10. IGF 2015 Reports

    ... from the IGF Community IGF2015 Reports Internet Economy and Sustainable Development  IGF Intersessional Work: Policy ... (Part II) Enhancing Cybersecurity and Building Digital Trust A Dialogue on “Zero rating” and Network Neutrality ...



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