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  1. Concluding Breakout Session: Security, Safety, Stability & Resilience

    ... important not to create multiple parallel discussions. The IGF has a track record of an inclusive multistakholder open access discussion ...

    Specific Session

  2. An Internet For #YesAllWomen? Women's rights, gender and equality in digital spaces (DC on Gender and Internet Governance)

    ... be upheld online is if courts enforce binding laws of the IGF, onto the firms that operate online. The way it stands now, the firms have ... to and upheld by law enforcement agencies of governments of IGF countries. up 0 users have voted. Log ...

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  3. Local Content BPF: Call for contributions on preserving and sharing local culture, history and content at risk as a result of political shifts and upheaval

    ... BPF Local Content panel that will take place at the global IGF in Berlin? ...


  4. Open Consultations 2013- List of Participants

    ... please kindly send your name and affiliation to igf[at] ...


  5. 1. Introduction: Interdependence ‎in the Digital Age

    ... to deliver the outcomes and timelines directed by the IGF. It even delivers a way to provide inclusive, balanced representation on ...

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