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  1. MAG Meeting Summaries

    2020 Face-to-Face MAG Meetings - Summary Reports Summary Report 1st IGF 2020 Open Consultations and MAG Meeting 14-16 January [Transcript] 2019 MAG Virtual Meetings - Summary Reports Virtual MAG Meeting ...


  2. About the MAG

    ... (now referred to as the Multistakeholder Advisory Group - MAG ). Its purpose is to advise  the Secretary-General on the programme and schedule of the Internet Governance Forum meetings. The MAG is comprised of 55 Members from governments, the private sector and civil ...


  3. 2014-2015 MAG Meetings Summary Reports

    Face-to-Face MAG Meetings - Summary Reports  2015 2-4 September 2015 ... 2014 19-20 February 2014   Virtual MAG Meetings - Summary Reports 2015 Summary Report -  Virtual MAG Meeting 6 October 2015 Summary Report -  Virtual MAG Meeting 18 ...


  4. MAG Renewal FAQs

    FAQ:  Who initiates the MAG renewal process? On behalf of the United Nations Secretary-General, ... Affairs - UNDESA ) to consider when appointing the new MAG , as the mandate of the IGF was given to the Secretary-General. ...


  5. News

    ... to the 14th Annual Meeting of the IGF IGF 2020 MAG Renewal IGF 2019 Call for Travel Support IGF 2019 Third Open Consultations and MAG Meeting IGF 2019 Call for Workshop Proposals  | DC ...


  6. MAG Working Groups

    IGF 2019 MAG Working Groups   Working Group on Fundraising (WG-FUN) ...   IGF 2018 MAG Working Groups -  Working Group on IGF Improvements (WG-IMP) ...   2017 MAG Working Groups - Working Group on Communication and ...


  7. MAG

    Folder Description:  Files:  MAG Nomination Form - Template.pdf IGF MAG COMPOSITION 2016-2017 (1).pdf Summary IGF 1st OC MAG Meeting ...

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  8. Previous MAG Members

    The IGF is thankful to the past MAG members for their valuable work and dedication. MAG Membership (2011-2019) Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) - ...


  9. 2019 IGF MAG Virtual Meeting III

    ... Secretariat Virtual Category:  MAG Meeting Input Documents/Links: IGF 2019 First Open Consultations & Face-to-Face MAG Meeting - Draft Agenda MAG WG on Fundraising (WG-FUN) Status ...

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  10. MAG 2019 Members

    ... the renewal of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) and the reappointment of the MAG Chair for 2019 were issued on 19 November 2018. Below is the list ...



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