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  1. NRIs Collaborative Session on Cybersecurity

    NRIs Collaborative Session:  Discussing the National and Regional ... and will allow for introductory, case study remarks by the NRIs speakers. This will be followed by engaging other present participants ... to be delegated through an open, bottom-up process by the NRIs multistakeholder organizing committees. Connection to SDGs: ...

    NRI Session

  2. BPF Cybersecurity 2019 Contributions NRIs

    ... Call for Contributions on the 2019 BPF on Cybersecurity - NRIs Dear National, Regional and Youth IGF representatives,  The IGF ... NRI community member ❏     Observer on the NRIs mailing list   Your contact information / e-mail (will not ...


  3. NRIs Virtual Meeting Iab, 21 January 2016

    ... Link to Document:  NRIs Virtual Meeting Iab, 21 January 2016 ...


  4. Youth Initiatives

    ... as well as the national, sub-regional and regional IGFs ( NRIs ), are expected to follow the main IGF principles of being open, ... can be independently organized; or integrated into the NRIs). For these, a recognition process is conducted in the basis of the ...


  5. News

    ... IGF 2020 Outreach Webinar Call to NRIs to Apply for Financial Grants (Deadline: 3 March) Call for ... , Open Forums , Day 0 Events , DC Sessions , NRIs Sessions and IGF Village IGF2019: Submit requests to book ...


  6. NRIs Main Session: Policy Questions Designations

    ... Name of your NRI * Examples from the NRIs on how the application of the multistakeholder model to ‎discussing the ...


  7. Newsletter Volume 1 No. 2, June 2020 (Part 1)

    ... National, Regional and Youth IGF Initiatives ( NRIs ) For Your Action! Preparations for IGF ... National, Regional and Youth IGF Initiatives (NRIs) A summary report of the 20 May meeting of the NRIs’ ...

    News Item

  8. NRIs meeting with BPF on Cybersecurity

    ... Objective of the Meeting: Improving the NRIs-BPF on Cybersecurity Collaboration The provisional meeting agenda is ...

    Event Calendar

  9. IGF 2017 NRIs Workshop-like Sessions


  10. NRIs Virtual Meeting IIIab, 24 and 29 March 2016




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