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  1. IGF 2018: Topic for the NRIs Main and Collaborative Sessions



  2. IGF NRIs Collaborative Session on IPv6

    Working together on national regional level to encourage IPv6 deployment: Experiences and addressing challenges ...


  3. [email protected]

    ... Description:  Files:  igf2017_nris_coordination_session.pdf igf2017_nris_main_session_report.pdf ...

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  4. NRIs 2019 Reports

    ... senegal_igf_2019_report.pdf nris_vm_i_summary_report_9jan20.pdf ...

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  5. NRIs meeting with BPF on Cybersecurity

    ... Objective of the Meeting: Improving the NRIs-BPF on Cybersecurity Collaboration The provisional meeting agenda is ...

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  6. NRIs Updates

    ... Description:  Files:  IGF2017_NRIs Update to the 2nd IGF OC.pdf igf_nris_vm_x_summary_report_.pdf agenda_nris_xii.pdf igf2017_nris_status_update_to_the_mag_xii_vm.pdf ...

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  7. IGF 2017 NRIs Main Session


  8. NRIs Infographic

    ... Files:  who_are_the_nris_slide.jpg nris_map_feb_2020.jpg ...

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  9. Sign up for NRIs Collaborative Sessioons

    Name of your NRI *


  10. NRIs 2019 Ind.Other Docs

    ... chad_igf.jpg zambia_igf.jpg nris_2020_inputs_for_session_topics_result_analyses.pdf ...

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