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  1. IGF 2019 Third Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 2

    ... are.  So we could obviously put things in about the NRIs .  We could put things in about the BPFs.  We could talk about the ... group we are interested in getting input is from the NRIs, and we have just started exploring with the secretariat the best way that ...

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    ... for the national, regional and youth IGF initiatives ( NRIs ). The Host explained that these consultations are the continuation of ... IGF-USA co-coordinator noted that a valuable work of the NRIs on youth engagement has to be recognized. It was further explained that ...


  3. IGF 2017 - Day 4 - Room XXIII - NRI Collaborative Session: Access and Existing Barriers on Regional and National Levels

    ... why there are NRI‑to‑NRI collaborative sessions.  The NRIs have become a network, sharing information and sharing best practices ... two years. In November of 2015, we had roughly 57 NRIs.  We now have, counting the ten that are in formation ‑‑ in ...

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  4. National IGF Initiatives

    ... of America Subscribe here to the NRIs mailing list */ ...


  5. IGF 2017 WS #119 Talking about the elephant in the room without exposing it: how IG can enhance freedom of expression

    Proposer's Name: Mr. Martin Fischer Proposer's Organization: IGF Academy Co-Proposer's Name: Ms. Lorena Jaume Palasi Co-Proposer's Organization: iRights e.V. Co-Organizers: ...

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  6. 2019 IGF MAG Virtual Meeting II

    ... Information on IGF National, Regional & Youth Initiatives (NRIs) Joint NRI Activities in 2018 IGF 2018 MAG ...

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  7. IGF 2017 Main Sessions

    ... Shutdowns, Encryption and Data Flows’ - 'NRIs Perspectives: Rights in the Digital World'    One special ...


  8. 2018 IGF MAG Virtual Meeting VI

    ... of Call for Issues Note to the MAG Chair from NRIs All 2018 MAG Working Groups 2018 MAG Virtual ...

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  9. 2019 Incoming MAG Members Orientation

    ...         *   National and Regional Initiatives (NRIs)         *   Connecting and Enabling the Next Billion ...

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  10. 2019 IGF MAG Virtual Meeting XIV

    ... Main Session on IoT and Cybersecurity NRIs Main Session DCs Main Session Proposals for ...

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