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  1. Youth Engagement at the IGF 2018 and Ways for Improvements

    ... were recognized, in particular as far as the youth and NRIs are concerned 2 .   In addition, alongside the self-organizing, ... Practice III: Integration of youth in the NRIs ' preparatory processes or programmes Practice IV: Additional ...

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  2. Virtual Meeting XII, 15 November 2016

    ...   National and Regional IGF initiatives ( NRIs ): Planning the IGF 2016 Substantive Session - Virtual ... meeting for the National and Regional IGF Initiatives’ (NRIs) main session at the IGF 2016, took place on Tuesday, 15 November 2016 at ...


  3. IGF 2019 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 2 Afternoon

    ... MAG meeting, maybe we can go a bit broader than just the NRIs ' integration into the IGF in Berlin and speak a bit about -- very briefly about who are the NRIs, what do they do, and what is the nature of the relationship that the IGF ...

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  4. BPF Cybersecurity 2018 Contributions NRIs

    (note: this is a call for contributions directed to National,Regional and Youth IGFs. A general call for contributions is published here ) ...


  5. NRIs Virtual Meeting Iab, 21 January 2016

    ... Link to Document:  NRIs Virtual Meeting Iab, 21 January 2016 ...


  6. NRIs Main Session: Policy Questions Designations

    ... Name of your NRI * Examples from the NRIs on how the application of the multistakeholder model to ‎discussing the ...


  7. NRIs Collaborative Session on IDNs 

    Multilingual Internet: IDNs under the magnifying glass ...


  8. Join the organizing team for the NRIs Collaborative Sessions



  9. IGF 2018: Topic for the NRIs Main and Collaborative Sessions



  10. IGF NRIs Collaborative Session on IPv6

    Working together on national regional level to encourage IPv6 deployment: Experiences and addressing challenges ...



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