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  1. IGF 2017 - Day 0 - Salle 4 - Human Rights Based Cybersecurity Strategy

    ... and scope of work.  This is really coming out of the WSIS (phonetic) process that the ITU was made facilitator building confidence ...

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  2. TS Workshop 182: Global Internet Related Public Policies: Is there an Institutional Gap?

    ... opinion people tend to focus so much on the past.  At the WSIS , this was decided.  In the past five years, the IGF and other ...


  3. Enhancing Transparency in Internet Governance

    ... information.  We have been actively participating in the WSIS repository process in the IGF. The RIR community operates under an open ...


  4. FINISHED - 2014 09 05 - Main Session - IANA Functions / NTIA stewardship transition ICANN's accountability process - Main Hall

    ... the principle of similarity, a term that came up in the WSIS , that came up with solutions that are as close to the problems.  The ...


  5. IGF 2017 - Day 0 - Salle 2 - The DNS and Emerging Identifiers Including DOA

    ... involved in the very early process of the community of the WSIS in this room where the inter governance debate amongst the Government ...

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  6. 2015 11 13 WS 253 Empowering the next billion by improving accessibility Workshop Room 6 FINISHED

    ... of these tools as you know in previous years, both through WSIS and into the early part of the IGF. The tools that we use are ‑‑ the ...



    ... I remember when it wasn't accepted at all. I remember in WSIS phase 1, governments throwing us out of the room. I remember how we had ...


  8. Internet Governance viewed through different lenses, with emphasis upon the lens of economic and social developement

    ... This is where the challenge is.  I remember sitting in WSIS on some developing country when the technical community has the name and ...


  9. 2015 11 13 WS 119 Democracy 3.0: Reputation and the Multistakeholder Model Workshop Room 1 FINISHED

    ... supplemented by the so-called multistakeholder.  And the WSIS is another global endeavor that somehow they called for the other ...


  10. Transnational (or trans-border) enforcement of a new information order – Issues of rights and democracy

    ... on its mandate to promote and assist the fulfillment the WSIS process principles by making a statement against the way that it is ...



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