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IGF 2020 WS #100 Best environmental practices across the Internet value-chain

Additional Speakers: 

A representative from the ITU will intervene to share a global organisation viewpoint. Paolo Gemma is Chairman of Working Party 3 “ICT and Climate Change” at the ITU.

IGF 2020 WS #119 Mobile Internet Impact on the environment in 5G era

Additional Speakers: 

1. Schien Daniel (to replace Luo Haijun due to conflict of schedule)

2. Moore Steven (to replace Belinda Exelby due to conflict of schedule)

3. Mieczkowski Piotr (to replace Krzysztof Szubert due to conflict of schedule)

4.Roberto Zambrana (Add a new speaker)


1. Introduction - (5 mins) Before the workshop beginning, we will show the regular participants a 1-2min short video of environmental protection to illustrate the progress of human society and the impact of the development of new technologies on the environment. Our moderator will introduce different stakeholders, briefly introduce the challenges faced in the 5G era, and elaborate the agenda of the workshop.

2. Speaker sharing - (5 mins) Specific speakers will introduce the increase in network energy consumption and the corresponding increase in carbon emissions with the rapid development of 5G networks.

3. First Round Question and Discussion – (20 mins) In what ways will 5G network construction affect the environment? How can we deal with the environmental impact of 5G technology? How to promote the application of clean energy in mobile networks? 1) Open Q&A: The moderator will raise some questions for open answer and discussion from all participants. 2) Invite an expert in this field to explain the questions above. 3) Invite experts from different backgrounds to introduce various measures to reduce the carbon footprint.

4. Second Round Question and Discussion – (20 mins) What role will 5G technologies play in solving sustainable development issues such as climate change and biodiversity? How will emerging applications based on 5G technology affect people's lives? In what ways can mobile Internet technology promote the sustainable development of cities and communities? 1) Open Q&A: The moderator will raise some questions for open answer and discussion from all participants. 2) Invite a representative from each stakeholder group to share their views on the questions above.

5. Open discussion and Q&A – (5 mins) All participants will have a chance to ask questions and speak about their views and speakers will answer these questions.

6. Summary and Closing – (5 mins) Closing remarks by the moderator.

IGF 2020 WS #219 Co-Designing policies for a sustainable digital industry

Additional Speakers: 

Annie Blandin, Professor of Law at IMT Atlantique

Ndeye Maimouna Diop was not availeble for the workshop and will be replaced by Esther Sandrine Ngom, Civil Society, African Group


IGF 2020 WS #231 Youth&Sustainability: Creating change through collaboration

Additional Speakers: 

All the foreseen speakers are still available. To add more diversity to the environmental advocacy theme, the following speakers will join additionally:

Rasmus Andresen, Member of European Parliament

Raphael Reimann, Fridays for Future Germany



10:10 Introduction by the moderators
10:15 Kick-off presentations on environmental advocacy by Katarzyna Jagiello, Aya Abu-Alfa & Raphael Reimann
10:30 Kick-off presentations on Internet governance and the context of the "environment" theme by Edmon Chung and Josaphat Tjiho
10:40 Moderated round-table discussion with inputs from participants
11:05 Synthesis by the moderators

IGF 2020 WS #338 Keeping us together: Internet infrastructure in emergencies

Additional Speakers: 

Moderator: Beatriz Barbosa, Civil Society, GRULAC [CONFIRMED]

Speaker 5: Alison Gillwald, Civil Society, Africa group [CONFIRMED]

Speaker 6: Americo Muchanga, Government, Africa group [CONFIRMED]

Speaker 7: Hajime Onga, Government, Asia-Pacific Group [CONFIRMED]


Intended agenda:

Introduction - 10 min
Interventions by speakers - 40 min
Overarching discussion (participants and audience) - 30 min
Wrap up - 10 min

IGF 2020 WS #343 Imagining an internet that serves environmental justice

Additional Speakers: 

Iara Moura, Intervozes - Coletivo Brasil de Comunicação Social

Maryellen Crisóstomo, representative of the National Coordination of Articulation of Black Rural Quilombola Communities (CONAQ)

Alan Finlay, Open Research

Leandro Navarro, Pangea

Paula Martins, APC





11:20 – 11:26 UTC


Opening and welcome, background

11:26 - 11:29 UTC


Introduction to analytical framework

11:29 - 11:32 UTC


Introduction to questions and speakers

11:32 – 11:40 UTC


Presentation of initial findings from research: Mapping the gaps: Responding to the needs of environmental justice movements in the global South.

11:40 – 12:05 UTC


Interventions based on question(s) from moderators / each speaker answers 1 question of their choice (max 5 min per speaker)

12:05 – 12:15 UTC


Floor open for discussion (max 2 min per speaker)

12:15 - 12:20 UTC


Concluding reflections on discussion, graphical recording

IGF 2020 WS #72 Tech for the Planet

Additional Speakers: 

Jorge Cancio, Government of Switzerland and co-organizer, will serve as Moderator.

Speaker additions add gender and sectoral diversity to the discussion and enables discussion of the privacy implications of using technology for environmental innovations. The second speaker offers direct expertise in developing a tech company's response to climate change. Third speaker replaces the ITU speaker who could not participate due to illness.

Caroline Louveaux, EVP/Chief Privacy Officer, Mastercard

Matt Peterson, Director of Amazon's Climate Pledge Fund (replacing Chris Wilson)

Paolo Gemma, senior Specialist and representative of Huawei on issues related to energy saving and environmental sustainability, will replace Reyna Ubeda (ITU). He currently acts as Co-Chairman of the Focus Group on Environmental Efficiency of AI and other Emerging Technologies (FG-AI4EE) and Vice-chairman of the United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) initiative.

  • The Potential of Technology Solutions to Environmental Problems
  • Case Studies and Examples, e.g. business commitments, solutions deployed in the field by companies and NGOs, and public-private partnerships
  • Discussion on a Multistakeholder Approach to Saving the Planet, and the respective roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders

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