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IGF 2018 BPF Local Content

IGF 2018 Best Local Content - 

Tuesday 13 November 2018 15:00 - 16:30 CET  (UTC+1)


1. Introduction & background  [ 10 min ]

  • Giacomo Mazzone, EBU, BPF Co-facilitator,  Wim Degezelle, BPF Consultant

BPF Local content draft output: download document & comment  



Media as a Cornerstone for Peace - The Assault on Media Freedom and Freedom of Expression

IGF 2018 OF #13 How to enable local production and local contents

Internet is a global tool, but we need to avoid the risk that will be used as a motorway unidirectional: from a center to many peripheries. The action of Broadcasting associations around the world and of multilateral institutions in charge of contents (such as WIPO and UNESCO) consists exactly in populating the second lane of that motorway: producing and bringing contents and services from the suburbsto the center and from suburbs to suburbs. This results could be obtained using some enablers and multilateral rules, agreements or Treaties could help in obtaining such result.

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