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Technical & Operational Topics

IGF 2018 LIGHTNING SESSION #24 Living in Digital Darkness: A Study on Internet Shutdowns in India

Governments across the world have been increasingly resorting to Internet shutdowns as a means to control information exchange online. Internet shutdowns are imposed for a number of reasons, though most frequently as a response to law and order breakdowns. The frequent resort to Internet shutdowns, especially in developing countries is a cause for serious concern. Between January 2012 and November, 2018, India has experienced a total of 259 Internet shutdowns.


Main session on Technical and Operational Issues
Content Blocking and Filtering: a challenge for Internet growth

1.     Title/Date and Time/Length of the Session

Title: Content blocking and filtering: a challenge for Internet growth

Length: 80 minutes

Format: Panel discussion

Venue: Nov 14 / Salle I / 10:00 am to 11:20 am

IGF 2018 WS #40 Internet Mega-Trends' Impact on the Internet’s Architecture

This session is on interaction between stakeholder communities and meant for the non-technical communities. The Internet Engineering Task Force's work is extremely technical. The implications and outcomes of this work determine how the Internet works or could be bettered; it affects us all. The IETF actively reaches out to all other stakeholder communities to explain some of the current major changes concerning the Internet, the work it undertakes to adapt protocols to these changes and what the implications are, so that you can determine and discuss what effects on your line of work could be. In short, an interactive session only the IGF can provide on this skope.

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