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Berlin IGF Messages

In order to reflect on the overall discussions hosted during the IGF 2019, a consolidated set of messages for all three key themes of the IGF 2019 are developed. These messages are based on the post-session reports of the session organizers and live discussions that took place in Berlin.

Consolidated IGF 2019 Thematic Overview and Berlin IGF Messages

Booklet on: Security, Safety, Stability and Resilience

Messages on Data Governance

Booklet on: Data Governance

Messages on Digital Inclusion

Booklet on: Digital Inclusion

The process of producing messages started during the IGF 2019 annual meeting in Berlin. The messages were subject to continuous update, following the finalization of the session reports after the meeting ended. Below is an overview of the messages produced during the IGF 2019 in Berlin.

Berlin IGF Messages - Data Governance

Berlin IGF Messages - Digital Inclusion

Berlin IGF Messages - Security Safety Stability Resilience

Berlin IGF Messages: Day 1 Opening Sessions


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