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Webinar for IGF 2020 Sessions Organizers/Speakers & Hubs

Wednesday, 14 October, 2020 - 14:00 to 15:30 UTC
Hosted by IGF Secretariat

Webinar for IGF 2020 Sessions Organizers/Speakers & Remote Hubs
14 October, 14:00 UTC (click here to register)‎

Live transcription is also available.

Note: This is a session similar to the one on October 12th. Only one attendance suffices.


  1. IGF Online Participation Platform usage: Chat, Q/A, sharing & presenting, receiving captions and accessing interpretation (when available)
  2. The different roles during an Online Participation session (Host & Co-host, Moderators & Speakers (Panelists) and Remote Hubs & Participants)
  3. Technical Equipment for Hubs and for everyone
  4. Participation guidelines for IGF 2020 sessions’ remote panellists and online participants: Coordination, Planning and Etiquette




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