H.E. Mr. Marek Zagórski

Secretary of State and The Government Plenipotentiary for Cybersecurity | Chancellery of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland

Responsible for the state policy in the field of computerisation, development ‎of e-services in public administration, civil security in cyberspace, infrastructure ‎and the use of innovative technologies. He also implements the National ‎Educational Network project.‎

He has been the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Digital Affairs from
‎16 September 2016 until 17 April 2018 and then the Minister of Digital Affairs ‎until 6 October 2020. ‎

Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland.‎

Previously, he was the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Treasury in 2015-‎‎2016. Earlier, in 2006-2007, he worked as the Secretary of State in the Ministry ‎of Agriculture and Rural Development. ‎
He also served as the President of the Board of the European Fund for ‎the Development of Polish Rural Areas Foundation (in 2005-2006 and 2009-‎‎2015). Before that, he worked as a manager in private companies. ‎