H.E. Ms. María del Pilar Garrido Gonzalo

Minister | Minister of National Planning and Economic Policy, Republic of Costa Rica

In office, Minister Garrido is the leader of the stewardship in public employment, national planning, public investment, State modernization, international cooperation and evaluation; as well as Coordinator of the Technical Secretariat of the National Commission of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). She is also designated as the Coordinator of the Government Economic Team and leader of the Growth, Employment and Welfare Strategy and Coordinator of Costa Rica in the Public Governance Committee of OECD, as well as Co-coordinator of the Accession Process to the State Owned Enterprises Committee of OECD.

Among her results, she was the leader of the creation of the National Development and Public Investment Plan of the Government 2019-2022, the National Evaluation Policy, the Law Project about Public Employment and of different initiatives for the modernization of the State, the evaluation of the public sector employees and the improvement of the public investment process in the country.

Minister Garrido is an Honorary Graduated of Political Sciences, from the University of Costa Rica and has a Master´s degree in Democratic Governance and Public Politics, from the University of Costa Rica; as well as a Master´s degree in Economics from the Trinity College of Dublin.

  • Former Deputy Minister, Ministry of National Planning and Economic Policy.
  • Former Chief of Staff, Minister of National Planning and Economic Policy.
  • Researcher and consultant of human local development topics for the University of Costa Rica, Aliarse, Funpadem, and UNDP.