Mr. Christopher Painter

President | The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise

Chris Painter is a globally recognized leader and expert on cybersecurity and cyber policy, Cyber Diplomacy and combatting cybercrime.  He has been on the vanguard of U.S. and international cyber issues for over twenty five years—first as a prosecutor of some of the most high-profile cybercrime cases in the country and then as a senior official at the Department of Justice, FBI, the National Security Council and finally the State Department.

In his most recent government role as the nation’s top cyber diplomat, Mr. Painter coordinated and led the United States’ diplomatic efforts to advance an open, interoperable, secure and reliable Internet and information infrastructure.  The pioneering office that Mr. Painter established — the Office of the Coordinator for Cyber Issues — was the first high-level position and office dedicated to advancing the diplomatic aspects of cyber issues ranging from national security to human rights matters. These issues include promoting norms of responsible state behavior and cyber stability, preventing cyber conflict, enhancing deterrence, advancing cybersecurity, fighting cybercrime, promoting multi-stakeholder Internet governance and advancing Internet freedom.

Prior to joining the State Department, Mr. Painter served in the White House as Senior Director for Cyber Policy and Acting Cyber Coordinator in the National Security Council. He was a senior member of the team that conducted the President’s Cyberspace Policy Review in 2009 and he subsequently helped create and then structure a new directorate in the National Security Council devoted to these issues.

Among other things, Mr. Painter is currently the President of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise Foundation, serves on the Board of the Center for Internet Security, is an Associate Fellow at Chatham House, serves on the Advisory Board of Third Way’s cybercrime project, and is on the Public Sector Advisory Board for Palo Alto Networks. He has been a frequent media spokesperson and presenter on cyber issues around the globe.  Mr. Painter was named the Bartels World Affairs Fellow by Cornell University for 2017-2018, received The Order of the Rising Sun from the Government of Japan for promoting U.S-Japan cyber cooperation in 2018 and received the Order of Terra Mariana from the President of Estonia in 2020 for promoting cyber cooperation.  He is also the recipient of the prestigious RSA Award for Excellence in the Field of Public Policy (2016), the Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Service,  and the Intelligence Community Legal Award (2008).  He is a graduate of Stanford Law School and Cornell University and clerked for US Circuit Judge Betty Fletcher.