Mr. Martín Sabignoso

Secretary for Equality in Health | Ministry of Health, Argentina ‎

Martín Sabignoso is a lawyer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. He ‎obtained his Master degree in Business Law at the Austral University. Currently, he ‎serves as Secretary of Health Equity in the Ministry of Health of Argentina.‎

Dr. Sabignoso served as senior advisor on health reforms and universal health ‎coverage financing systems in the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for Latin ‎American and the Caribbean. He served also as advisor for the Department of ‎Financing and Governance of the World Health Organization (WHO), and for the ‎European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. He has provided technical ‎support to over 15 countries, including Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican ‎Republic, Honduras, Panama, Angola, Kenya and India, among others.‎

He co-led WHO’s thematic group on Results-based Financing. He is a member of the ‎Regional Network of Explicit Prioritization and Health Benefits Plans CRITERIA. He is a ‎member of the Strategic Advisory Group of the Center for Healthy Development (CHD). ‎He is also a member of WHO’s Experts Reference Group on Prioritized Benefits Plans ‎for Universal Health Coverage in the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO).‎

Dr. Sabignoso served as National Director of Plan Nacer – Programa SUMAR in the ‎Ministry of Health of Argentina (2008-2015). During his administration, the Plan Nacer ‎included universal coverage of congenital heart diseases surgeries for children and ‎adolescents under 19. This was integrated with the Universal Children Allowance ‎‎(AUH) and Pregnancy Allowance. In addition, Programa SUMAR was implemented, ‎which is the extension of Plan Nacer for children, adolescents, and women under 64 ‎years old.‎

Dr. Sabignoso is currently Director of the Specialization Program on Health ‎Communication, School of Journalism and Social Communication, National University ‎of La Plata (UNLP). He is also a lecturer of Health Economics at the Master Program of ‎Public Finances, School of Economic Sciences, UNLP.‎