Mr. Patrick Leusch

Moderator | Head European Affairs at Deutsche Welle

Patrick H. Leusch is Head European Affairs at the Director Generals Office of Deutsche Welle, ‎Germany’s international Broadcaster since October 1st 2017. In this capacity Patrick is ‎responsible for international relations especially to European Institutions and partners.‎

Before taking this position Patrick was Managing Director of the Global Media Forum, the global ‎conference on media and foreign policy, organized annually by Deutsche Welle. He also was ‎CEO of the DW Media Services GmbH, a company owned by Deutsche Welle. Patrick has been ‎for many years Head International Relations of DW Akademie. He was responsible for the ‎organization’s advocacy activities, international networking and fundraising and he represented ‎the organization in a range of partnerships with international agencies, networks and towards ‎political bodies, such as the European Commission or UN. ‎

Patrick is Belgian and grew-up bilingual French-German. He holds a Master in Psycho-Pedagogy. ‎He worked for many years as an independent TV and Radio reporter, editor and producer. He ‎was a senior editor for leading German broadcasters and served as the correspondent for ‎Western Africa or the German public radio, ARD, in Rabat Morocco. ‎

In 1999 he merged his interest in psychology, pedagogy, development cooperation and ‎journalism and became a trainer and consultant for journalists and media executives in Africa, ‎the Arab region and Asia. After joining DW Akademie, Patrick was in charge of all projects in the ‎French speaking part of Africa for many years. In 2008 he became Head Project Development at ‎DW Akademie and build a dynamic team that started successfully developing innovative ‎comprehensive long term media development strategies and projects for international donors ‎and partners. ‎