Ms. Doris Leuthard

Chair | Swiss Digital Initiative Foundation & Former President of Switzerland

Born 1963, Swiss citizen, married to Dr. Roland Hausin.‎
Study of law at the University of Zurich. Attorney at law.‎
After years in the private sector she was elected 1999 in the national council of the federal ‎parlament.‎
‎2004 president of the CVP, the christian democratic peoples party.‎
‎2006 election in the Bundesrat, the Swiss Government (7 members). She quit Government ‎december 2018.‎

2009 and 2016 vicepresident, 2010 and 2017 president ‎
‎2006-2010 she was leading the Federal Department of economic affairs, trade, agriculture and ‎innovation. In this function she was Governor for the World Bank, presented Switzerland at the ‎OECD, ILO, FAO, WTO etc.‎

From November 2010 until december 2018 she was leading the Federal Department for ‎Environment, Transport, energy and communication. In this function she presented Switzerland at ‎different UN institutions like UNEP or IGF, the Paris climate negotiations, OECD, WEF, transport and ‎digital conferences etc.‎

‎2018-2019 she was member of the UN High Level Panel on digital cooperation ‎

Today she is back in the private sector and member of the Boards of the Coop-Group, Bell Food ‎Group, Transgourmet International and Stadler Rail.‎

She works for different institutions ‎
- President of the Ulrico- Hoepli- Foundation,‎
‎- Co-President Steering Committee Europa Forum Luzern
‎- President of the Swiss Digital Initiative, Geneva
‎- Member of the ETH Foundation
‎- Member of the Kofi-Annan-Foundation