Ms. Pamela Cretu

High-school student | Moldova

Pamela Cretu is a 15 years old teenager, originally from the Republic of Moldova, currently living and studying in Austria. Early March 2020, Pamela was admitted to the International Baccalaureate World School, Bilingual Gymnasium Klosterneuburg, one of Austria’s top Public High Schools. At her school, she recently joined European Studies Extracurricular Club. Pamela attended the IGF in Istanbul back in 2014, she joined the Open Government Partnership Summit in Paris in 2016, and assisted with live streaming an Eastern Partnership dedicated session via social media. Pamela is passionate about writing, specifically writing fiction; she is interested in the issues of cybersecurity, personal identity online and online tools for citizen engagement in decision making, and ways technology is impacting democracy; as well as the role of Youth in Internet policy making.