Ms. Vallarie Yiega

Youth Representative | Kenya

Vallarie is an advocate of digital literacy and inclusion for poverty alleviation. She works as a ‎researcher at the Committee of Fiscal Studies which focuses on fiscal policy and development. ‎She researches on issues around Internet Governance and the digital economy.‎

She is a former Nextgen participant at ICANN 65 in Morocco, a KESIG fellow, an AFRINIC 31 ‎Fellow in Angola and currently the program ambassador for ICANN 68 AND 69 Nextgen ‎participants which will be held virtually. She is also an IGF Youth Ambassador 2020.‎

Her passion for digital awareness fueled her involvement as a Digital Grassroots ambassador ‎and a representative for YouthIGF movement in Kenya. In both the positions she has ‎championed digital literacy through university training, round table discussions and grassroots ‎awareness with a special focus on getting more youth involved in internet governance.‎

She is also part of the fair digital business working group convened by the German Informatics ‎Society that gathers young people globally to give their inputs on various thematic areas ahead ‎of the annual IGF. ‎