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Stiftung Digitale Chancen / Digital Opportunities Foundation

Since its establishment in 2002, the Digital Opportunities Foundation researches the social impact of digitisation, campaigns for equal access to the internet for all people and for digital literacy. Our objective is digital inclusion of all societal groups and counteracting the digital divide. We work in cooperation with public, civic, and private partners.

Our projects are funded by federal and European programs as well as by industry. The foundation is working under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.


Our work is project based, addresses a large number of target groups, and can be classed in three categories:

Digital Society

  • ALL DIGITAL Summit 2020 – From Berlin to Everywhere! - The Digital Opportunities Foundation co-organised the
    ALL DIGITAL Summit 2020, which due to Covid-19 became an online event titled “Competences for the Future”. Every year, the Summit brings together the members of the European network ALL DIGITAL and experts in the field of media competence promotion from all over Europe..
  • InviDas – Enable Digital Sovereignty - The new project InviDas is developing new ways for users of wearables to gain better insight into their data profiles in order for them to make informed decisions more easily.
  • Smart Hero Award - It is the goal of the Smart Hero Award to publicise and reward voluntary and social commitment realised in and with social media. Projects, initiatives, and people who represent the social values recognition, respect and tolerance and who successfully utilise social media to fulfil their voluntary and social commitment are awarded with the prizes. (Download the brochure for 2020)
  • Child Protection and Children’s Rights in the Digital World - The project researches the impact of digitisation on the everyday life of children and develops measures for protection and risk prevention that feed into a strategy for child and youth policy on national European and international level in order to support the realization of children’s rights in all aspects of life, enable children to exercise their rights,
    and strengthen their ability for self-protection.

Digital Inclusion 

  • bremke.digital - The aim of the pilot project is the development and roll-out of a concept to improve the quality of life and promote village life based on the utilisation of digital services and applications in the village Bremke. The objective is to further the readiness to participate in digital communication and to strengthen social and neighbourly village life.
  • Active Media Education For Disabled Youth (AMEDY) - The project deals with the challenges of the digital world for young people with intellectual disabilities and with the requirements of the professionals working with this target group.
  • Entrepreneurial Skills 4 Woman In A Digital World - The partners from Lithuania, Germany, Slovenia, and Greece initiated the project with the aim to contribute to the promotion of relevant competences of underprivileged women. During the two-year project period, a training programme was developed and tested to teach these women project management and ICT skills with a project-based approach.
  • And many more...

Digital Competence

  • Digital mobility in old age –Tablet PCs for Seniors - The project aims at enabling elderly people to participate in digital society. Seniors are provided with a digital care package consisting of tablets, manuals, and a hotline free of charge over a period of 8 weeks to explore the wide range of useful applications on the internet.
  • Initiative Agency ‘Growing up Well with Media’ The project supports parents and professionals working with children and teenagers in their responsibility to raise youth within the digital era, with a focus on the protection and safety of children in the digital world. The Initiative
    Agency gathers and promotes the diverse knowledge and vast offerings of the initiative’s partners.
  • Media Education in Dialogue - The project aims to investigate media education in children’s day-care centres and to sound out how media-educational support in early childhood education can be successfully structured. The project's findings are intended to result in recommendations for the design of media-educational guidance in dialogue between early educational institutions and families.
  • And many more ...

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