IGF 2020 Village Booth #47 NASK Państwowy Instytut Badawczy



NASK is a National Research Institute whose mission is to develop and implement solutions which facilitate the development of information and communication networks in Poland, in addition to improving their effectiveness and security. We carry out research and development projects as well as projects aimed at improving the security of Polish civilian cyberspace. Another of our important activities is educating users and promoting the concept of an information society, primarily with the goal of protecting children and young people from hazards posed by new technologies.

NASK is a National Research Institute under the supervision of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, engaged in a variety of activities combining science and business. Our main activities include ensuring that the Internet is a secure place and that its users are protected. Since our founding, we have been carrying out R&D projects focused on increasing network efficiency, reliability and security, and our research also involves artificial intelligence and big data analysis. Social education and the development of information society are of special importance to us – we are responsible for projects which are of key importance to the digital transformation of our country, including the Polish Education Network (OSE) and Electronic Documentation Management (EZD RP).

We invite you to our session on the 10th of November, 2020 - IGF 2020 WS #152 Cultural processes in the age of the digital revolution

Register and Attend: https://www.intgovforum.org/content/igf-2020-ws-152-cultural-processes-in-the-age-of-the-digital-revolution