IGF 2021 Village Booth #18 IGF France


The booth is managed by IGF France along with AFNIC, the organization tasked with managing the domain name in France.

Partners include the French telecom regulator ARCEP, Internet Society (ISOC) France, the French digital council, the think tank Renaissance numérique and researchers. We plan to showcase the work of the different partner institutions including state of the internet in France, IoT and digital sovereignty as well as research initiatives.

WebsiteIGF France : https://www.igf-france.fr/

IGF 2021 main participating organizations

- AFNIC : https://www.afnic.fr/en/

- ARCEP : https://www.arcep.fr/

- CIS CNRS : https://cis.cnrs.fr (Internet governance and regulation research group)

- ISOC France : http://www.isoc.fr


Session organization

1) IGF France is involved in the collaborative NRI work and will be have participants in different NRI sessions.

2) IGF 2021 Networking #82 Networking session: Researching Internet Governance

  • Ballroom C |  -

3) WS #279 Fighting disinformation as a cybersecurity challenge

  • - Ballroom A |  -

4) IGF 2021 WS #250 Open Terms Archive : build with us a new digital common

  • Conference Room 1+2 | -

5) IGF 2021 WS #260 Internet resilience towards a renewed resilience for society

  • Conference Room 6 | -

Main sessions

IGF 2021 Main Session Trust matters: exploring ways for building a safe and secure cyberspace

  • Plenary Room | -

IGF 2021 Main Session: The good, the bad and the ugly of the Internet in times of crises

  • Plenary Room | -


Meet us at our booth, on site or online