IGF 2021 Village Booth #35
Tsinghua University


Coordinate System and Map of Cyberspace Use IP address, port, and AS as coordinates to reveal the intrinsic characteristics and the hierarchy of cyberspace. Help to analyze network events and find abnormal behaviors such as security attacks. There are many disadvantages to displaying cyberspace information in a geographic coordinate system, such as IP addresses in the same geographic area may belong to different networks, an organization's network is located at multiple locations, and IP address geolocation is inaccurate in most cases. A Hilbert space-filling algorithm is used to map a one-dimensional IP address to a two-dimensional plane in the cyberspace coordinate system. The regional and clustered features of the algorithm can satisfy the scalability requirement of cyberspace maps. Cyberspace maps based on the coordinate system are scalable and hierarchical. It can support the visualization and in-depth correlation analysis of different cyberspace objects and resources and assist operators in cyberspace management and security tracking. It can reveal the hierarchical relationship of cyberspace and help operators plan, manage and discover patterns. It can expose the characteristics of traffic activities in cyberspace and help find abnormal traffic. It can also visualize the IP address distribution of attack sources across cyberspace and help security personnel formulate proper packet filtering policies.