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BPF Cybersecurity

BPF Cybersecurity 2019 - “Exploring Best Practices in relation to recent International Cybersecurity Initiatives


The BPF Cybersecurity 2019 is focusing on “Exploring Best Practices in relation to recent International Cybersecurity Initiatives”. The BPF will analyse existing initiatives such as the Paris Call, the GCSC’s Six Critical Norms Towards Cyber Stability, the UN OEWG and GGE, and collect and share best practices around the implementation of suggested measures.


Description of planned work for BPF Cybersecurity in 2019


Join for the BPF Cybersecurity kick-off meeting.

The kick-off meeting will held on two dates to cover all time-zones: 

at 15:00 UTC on Tuesday 12th March

at 06:00 UTC on Wednesday 20th March


Meeting details

Meeting 1a, 12 March 15:00 UTC, meeting number 544 237 532


Meeting 1b, 20 March 06:00 UTC, meeting number 844 579 827,   


Draft agenda 2019 BPF Cybersecurity kick-off meeting;

1) Walkthrough of the approved BPF proposal for 2019

2) Agreements to cover 
- Discussion: what agreements exist that we should include in our scope for the year?
- Call for Volunteers to help extract elements from the agreements and draft the initial background paper for the BPF

3) Legal frameworks to explore
- Discussion: what legal frameworks should we look at to see to what degree they reflect the applicability of international law to the use of ICTs by governments?
- Call for Volunteers to help with the legal interpretation of these frameworks and see what evidence we can identify regarding the applicability of international law

4) Discuss the high level timeline for the rest of the year
- Publication of background paper;
- Engage with signatories of the agreements in scope of our work;
- Call for Contributions;
- Prepare for Berlin IGF meeting;
- Final paper publication.

Please pass along this invitation to anyone who may be interested in participating. 


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