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IGF 2020 NRIs Collaborative Sessions

About the NRIs collaborative sessions?
NRIs Collaborative Sessions are interactive sessions organized by a number of NRIs from different regions on a topic of mutual interest. All topics are defined based on the open, consultative, bottom-up process across all NRIs. More about the NRIs collaborative sessions available in the NRIs Session Guidelines.

Call to NRIs to sign-up to co-organize collaborative sessions
An open call, communicated to all NRIs via the NRIs mailing list, to sign-up for a maximum of two sessions to co-organize with other NRIs closed on 22 April 2020, 23:59 UTC (sign-up done via NRIs sessions application e-form).

Final list of the NRIs collaborative sessions for the 2020 IGF in Poland:
  1. Future of jobs/work in the digital age
  2. Data utilization for sustainability
  3. Technical aspects of content regulation
  4. Digital economy: ‎trans-territorial ‎regulations and the ‎impact on digital ‎sovereignty
  5. Cybersecurity local policies and standards
  6. Access and digital inclusion
  7. Digital rights and impact on democracy

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