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IGF 2021 Received Session Proposals

For the IGF 2021 programme, stakeholders could apply to organize different types of sessions by 26 May, 23:59 UTC. This year, stakeholders were invited to focus their session proposals on the IGF 2021 issue areas the MAG identified and explore amongst several new types of sessions introduced.  

All session proposals, received in a response to the IGF 2021 call for sessions, are listed under each type of the session indicated below. The proposals were cleared against the basic entry criteria of the IGF and are currently under detailed evaluation for possible inclusion in the IGF 2021 programme. It is expected that the final list of all accepted sessions will be announced shortly after the 2nd IGF 2021 Open Consultations and MAG Meeting, 22-23 and 30 June.

List of received session  proposals*

list of received proposals

sessions in the IGF annual meeting on a specific Internet governance topic or question
list of received proposals
sessions organized by governments, treaty-based international ‎organizations, and global organizations with international scope and presence, with operations across ‎regions, dealing with Internet governance issues
list of received proposals
sessions organized by entities dealing with Internet governance issues of international scope
list of received proposals
sessions to present and discuss Internet governance-related academic and/or research initiatives or ‎outputs such as research or think tank work, book launches and similar
list of received proposals
brief, to-the-point, prepared presentation on a specific Internet governance issue
list of received proposals
gatherings of stakeholders interested in a same or similar issue; icebreaker sessions; social gatherings; gatherings of people ‎and organizations from a particular region, stakeholder group, or area of activity
list of received proposals
sessions hosted by the IGF Dynamic Coalitions
list of received proposals
sessions hosted on the day before the IGF official programme begins (6 December)
The list of types of sessions will also include the sessions hosted under the High-Level Leaders Track; Parliamentary Track; sessions organized by the Best Practice Forums and Policy Networks; sessions organized by the national, regional and youth IGF initiatives (NRIs); newcomers track sessions; introductory and concluding sessions; as well as the main sessions.

Hybrid IGF 2021
The IGF 2021 will be organized in a hybrid format, welcoming participants joining physically on-site in Katowice as well as participants joining virtually online. The goal is for all participants whether on-site or accessing the IGF online to have a similar experience when engaging with IGF sessions. All session organizers were expected to consider elements of interactivity and accommodate the hybrid format in their proposals, as well as after in the implementation of the sessions, should accepted. 

*Disclaimer: The lists of session proposals are published as received. The responsibility for the content submitted is with the submitters.  

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