Dynamic Coalition on Trade (DC-Trade)


Many Internet governance issues that are discussed at the IGF are also the subject of rulemaking through bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral trade agreements. The purpose of this Dynamic Coalition is to provide an interface for the exchange of information and best practices between the negotiators of these trade agreements and the bodies in which they work, and the Internet Governance Forum and its multi-stakeholder community. This information exchange will be both substantive (that is, concerning particular Internet public policy issues) and also procedural (that is, about how Internet public policy can be developed in a transparent and inclusive way).

More info on DC-Trade at https://opendigital.trade/projects/dc-trade.



1. To publish a background paper describing the major trade agreements that are in place or under negotiation, as well as the venues where this takes place, and identifying the key Internet governance issues that are the subject of such agreements and negotiations.

2. To develop a multi-stakeholder approach to facilitating the transparency and inclusiveness in international trade negotiations and the domestic consultation processes.

3. To build a network of representatives from trade institutions and delegations for liaison with our Dynamic Coalition and the broader IGF community.

4. To hold our inaugural meeting at the 2017 IGF in Geneva to present our outputs to the IGF community.



Giacomo Mazzone from the European Broadcasting Union representing the private sector

David Snead from the Internet Infrastructure Coalition representing the Internet technical community

Jeremy Malcolm from the Electronic Frontier Foundation representing civil society