IGF Remote Hubs

Call to all stakeholders to register remote hubs for IGF 2024 

Online participation, and specifically the hubs structure, have been successful in previous IGFs. Through the hubs structure, stakeholders can follow the discussions from home or office; watch the webcast of the event; follow real-time closed captioning; and participate live. Hubs can be registered as an individual online participant. Or stakeholders can also expand the discussions and organize an IGF HUB in your city!

Online participants/Remote hubs are able to interact with the meeting by asking for the floor when the panel moderator opens it for questions from the audience, and sending text questions and/or video/audio interventions by using the online participation platform.

Hubs are local meetings that take place in parallel with the IGF. People can watch the webcast of IGF sessions together and send interventions (via text, audio or video) that can be answered by panelists in IGF. In addition, hub organizers can hold debates to discuss the themes introduced at the IGF from their local perspective. Training sessions for Remote Hubs will be made available.

There are several advantages in creating a hub, such as:

  • helping to raise awareness about Internet Governance issues
  • fostering networking among participants and community building
  • encouraging follow-up activities

How to organize a hub? 

The requirements to organize a hub are very simple:

  • Physical or virtual place.
  • Computer with a broadband Internet connection and a projector equipment, to enable the hub participants to watch the video.
  • Hub moderator, who will plan the dynamics of the local discussions as well as transmit the hub participants’ questions or comments to the IGF through the remote participation channels.
  • General call in lists, forums etc. to invite the interested local community.

Consult the IGF Guidelines for Remote Hubs developed in cooperation with national and regional IGF initiatives.

Register your hub for IGF 2024 

Stakeholders interested in organizing a remote hub are invited to register through THIS REGISTRATION FORM that the IGF Secretariat publishes each year, containing the following information:

  1. Country / City
  2. Institution hosting the hub
  3. Possible area(s) of interest
  4. Number of expected participants within the hub
  5. Planned pre-meeting activities
  6. Type of expenditures and estimated costs
  7. Hub Coordinator
  8. Contact email
  9. Hub Technical coordinator (IT)
  10. Technical coordinator contact email

Please note that the local hub and technical coordinators have to be present at the hub site. Stakeholders are welcome to register their hubs until the meeting's start. Subject to availability of funds, and considering the level of organization and participation scope of the hub, hubs from developing countries that register until 30 July 2024 may receive small support grants. 

The list of registered remote hubs is available. 

DISCLAIMER: Remote Hubs are the responsibility of the local organizers and should be held in accordance to the local rules, regulations and advice of the local health authorities with regard to the health requirements including the COVID-19 pandemic.