IGF Engagement within the UN System

The IGF is actively engaged with and acts as a reference point on digital policy for UN System bodies in several ways. 

  • UN Agency Participation at Annual IGFs: UN entities have regularly organized sessions at the IGF's annual meetings, either as standalone sessions to highlight their Internet governance-related work, or to address specific of-the-moment digital issues in collaboration with other organizations. In addition, since 2021, diverse UN agencies have taken part in IGF-organized "UN Open Forums" whose focus is spotlighting agencies' digital initiatives and identifying areas for great inter-System collaboration.
  • UN Agency Participation in IGF Intersessional Work: UN entities have been traditionally active and are increasing their participation in the IGF's intersessional activities. Examples include the IGF 2021 Policy Network on Environment (PNE), where UNEP has been a contributor, and the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Internet Universality Indicators, with UNESCO as a main organizer. 
  • UN Agencies & the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG): Representatives of intergovernmental organizations, including UN System entities, are invited to participate in MAG discussions as co-equals with the body's membership. ITU, UNESCO, UN-ESCWA and WIPO are among those officially represented on the MAG. UN entities also regularly brief IGF stakeholders during the open consultations of MAG meetings [UN inputs to IGF open consultations].
  • Cross-Agency Information Sharing:  Through a regular monthly newsletter shared with a broad cross-section of UN entities, entity representatives are given, and are able to share, updates on digital news across the System under "UN Digital Stories". This is distributed through a UN-only list managed by IGF/DESA.