Espinosa, Amado

Amado Espinosa, MD, MCS, MBA, PhD, is a Medical Informatician dedicated to research, development ‎and implementation of IT systems and their applications for improving the quality and performance of ‎healthcare provider organizations in Latin America. Dr. Espinosa received his MD from the University of ‎Puebla, Mex, and his clinical speciality in Anesthesiology from the IMSS in Mex., as well as his MBA, and ‎his Master in Computer Science (MCS) from the University of the Americas, Mex. He received his PhD ‎from the Medical School of Hannover, and a certificate as Medical Informatician from the German ‎Society of Medical Documentation and Statistics. He is the founder and CEO of Medisist, a global ‎company focused on integrating technology to better serve the patient and medical professionals, as well ‎as healthcare provider organizations and institutions.  Dr. Espinosa has chaired and served on advisory ‎committees and working groups with IMIA, PAHO, WHO, ISO/TC215, HL-7, SNOMED, NLM, and the ‎Rockefeller Foundation, in order to deploy Digital Health international standards, national projects and ‎interventions in Latin America. Dr. Espinosa has been invited to join think-tank groups for the Ministries ‎of Health in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina Brazil, Central America, Caribbean and Mexico for ‎planning, using and adopting IT to improve healthcare services at a long run. With academic ‎relationships in Mexico, LA, USA and Europe, serving AMIM, IMIA-LAC, IMIA, and through international ‎research institutions, Dr. Espinosa is continuously fostering crossing collaboration to innovate and ‎disrupt healthcare services and has been recipient of different recognitions. As the Chairman of WITSA’s ‎Global Public Policies Summit 2011 and the WCIT2014, he has joined IFG & WSIS conferences and ‎represented CANIETI & AMITI worldwide. ‎