Guidelines for breakout groups

Guidelines for breakout groups for IGF 2021 Open Consultations on 22 February

Goal: Provide the MAG with input to enable them to design a narrower and more focused IGF programme for 2021 and going forward 

Group allocation: There will be 10 groups based on the 10 main thematic clusters that emerged from the open consultation. Participants will be assigned randomly to one of the 10 breakout groups: 

  1. Access and inclusion
  2. Digital rights and freedoms 
  3. New and emerging technologies 
  4. Security and trust 
  5. Economic issues
  6. Sustainability and environment 
  7. Data
  8. Internet governance ecosystem 
  9. Digital cooperation 
  10. Technical issues

Group tasks:

  1. Appoint a facilitator/chair and a rapporteur. Reports need to be submitted in writing to the Secretariat after the meeting, and should be presented in a very brief form during the meeting. Each rapporteur will have 3 minutes to present their report.
  2. Do brief introductions (name, country, institutional affiliation) 
  3. Referring to the Analysis of Proposed IGF 2021 Issues - which includes an overview of issues for each theme AND to the spreadsheet which includes the specific issues and questions that were submitted: (the CLUSTERING DETAILED sheet) respond to the following:

3.1 Prioritising thematic clusters 

  • Do you feel all 10 thematic clusters are legitimate "stand alone"? Or can any of them be merged with another thematic cluster?
  • Considering that the goal this year is to have a more focused IGF that discuss fewer issues in greater depth, which themes do you feel the IGF should prioritise in 2021? Select no more than 3. Feel free to rephrase the titles of the thematic clusters - you do not have to use existing text.

3.2 Prioritising issues/policy questions (IF YOU HAVE TIME)

  • For the three thematic clusters you have prioritised, looking at the detailed questions/issues submitted on the "clustering detailed" sheet, which are the 3 policy questions or issues that you feel the IGF should prioritise in 2021 and, if appropriate, in 2022. Feel free to rephrase the questions - you do not have to use existing text.