IGF 2016 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Remote Participation

Links for participation during the main meeting in plenary

Webex based (www.webex.com

July 12

July 13

July 14

Remote Participation Recommendations:

Remote participants will be able to interact throughout the meeting by sending text questions and/or video/audio interventions using the remote participation platform (Webex). These questions will be forwarded to the panel moderator when s/he opens the floor for questions from the audience.

When making an intervention remotely, please remember that your remarks may be interpreted into different  languages and keep the following points in mind:

• speak from a quiet office without background noise;

• if calling by phone, use a landline and not a mobile;

• speak slowly and clearly so the interpreters can compensate any audio problem;

• speak into your handset and not into a speaker phone;

• when you speak, make sure your computer speakers are muted or turned down.

• start by stating your name and the country or organization that you represent.

• end your remarks with the phrase "This concludes my intervention".

• be prepared to type your question or comment in the chat window, if connection is poor.

• be sure to send by email a copy of any presentation, speech or material you intend to deliver.

Despite their rigorous training and extensive experience, interpreters may occasionally be hindered in their ability to provide a smooth rendering, should the audio become substandard. In extreme cases, they may even have to refrain from interpreting altogether. Please note that for an interpreter the audio signal has to be near-perfect.

remote participation manual containing instructions on how to participate remotely is available.