IGF 2018 OF #10 Strengthening the IGF – the German Community Invites to a Discussion

Salle X

The IGF as mandated by the General Assembly is the most diverse, inclusive and effective global platform for an open multi-stakeholder dialogue on all questions related to Internet Governance. We believe that this form of a global dialogue with all involved stakeholders is indispensable for a free, open, secure and accessible Internet in accordance with the IGF’s mandate of the United Nations. Therefore the German IGF community as host of the IGF 2019 invites the international IGF community to an open discussion on possibilities to strengthen the IGF further. The discussion is hosted by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and German Federal Foreign Office jointly with the German IGF community. Format of the Session: Brief introductory statements of moderators and from some speakers with short presentations (30 min. in total) and then open discussion with the entire audience (30 min).


Federal Foreign Office Germany
Bernd Neujahr, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


Introduction by Moderators (5min.)

Dr. Rudolf Gridl, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs

Wolfram von Heynitz, German Federal Foreign Office

Speakers/presentations (25min)

  • From IGF-D: Daniela Brönstrup, Lorena Palasi, Wolfgang Kleinwächter, Michael Rotert
  • Lynn St Amour, Chair of the MAG, President and CEO of Internet-Matters
  • FRA Representative of the IGF host country 2018 (tbc.)
  • CHE IGF 2017 organizer (tbc.)
  • Dr. Jörg Schweiger, DENIC: Internet Governance Radar
  • Paul Fehlinger, I&J: Presentation of the “3rd Global Conference of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network” in Berlin in June 2019
  • Dr. Antoine Vergne, Missions Publiques: Bringing Citizens' Into Politics

Discussion (30min)

Online Moderator

See above

Session Time