IGF 2019 NRIs Main Session: Emerging technologies and their interfaces with inclusion, security and human ‎rights


IGF 2019, Berlin, Germany, 25 - 29 November

National, Subregional, Regional and Youth IGF Initiatives (NRIs)

IGF 2019 Main Session Proposal

[DRAFT - Version continuously under update]

Title of the Session: Emerging technologies and their interfaces with inclusion, security and human ‎rights

Aspects to be addressed:

  • How can existing, new and emerging digital technologies, support engagement of vulnerable groups at the national and regional levels? 
  • How to ensure safe and secure online conditions for utilization of digital technologies? Can we trust these? 
  • Are emerging digital technologies posing risks to human rights? How to prevent and tackle harmful consequences?
  • How can we suggest policy options to enhance access to the least developed countries to emerging technologies?

Interventions will focus on concrete case studies and advice on possible plans for addressing and resolving identified problems. 

Brief Description/Objective

The session will target the impact of the newly emerging technologies on various countries and regions, and related implications these have on inclusion, security and human rights. Concrete case-studies will be presented and plans for solutions discussed.

As per the NRIs Session Guidelines, the broader objectives of having the NRIs integrated in the IGF through their main session are: 

To contribute to the quality and comprehensiveness of the global IGF event by bringing the local, national and regional perspectives, challenges, and good practices to the overall discussion;

To showcase the diversity among NRI discussions in different countries and regions across the world, existing on  matters related to  Internet Governance;

Through joint work on a selected topic, developed by consensus, over one IGF cycle, the NRIs will continue building a firmer sense of the NRI community

Format, Chair, Moderator and Rapporteur information under discussion.

Plan for online interaction and rapporteurs

Due to the funding limitations, many of the NRIs that are committed to actively participate may not attend the meeting in person, and therefore are planning to use the online participation tools to participate and engage remotely.

The NRIs as the facilitators and organizers of this session, will equally prioritize the onsite and online present NRIs. This reflects the remote NRIs as speakers as the first priority, followed by interventions coming from the floor, and remotely from others joining the session.  The further development of the program will take into account the challenge of full incorporation of participation from remotely participating NRIs, including a designation of time slots, and back up slots, and also receiving written comments to be read by one of the co-moderators, should technology fail us.

Desired results/output

Taking into account the above-indicated session objectives, in addition, this session will aim for:

  • Provide an overview of commonalities and differences between different national, sub-regional,  regional and youth IGF Initiatives practices
  • Deepen the understanding about the global status of the topic and provide recommendations for improvements
  • Advancing the visibility of work at the national/subregional and regional levels that turns dialogue into action regarding IG processes and issues;
  • Integrating more awareness of the work at the local levels (national, subregional and regional and youth initiatives) into overall IGF community while respecting the bottom up dynamic nature of the NRIs.