IGF 2019 Pre-Event #36
Parliamentary perspective and opportunities for action

Committee on the Digital Agenda, German Bundestag


We want to contribute to a stronger parliamentary participation in the IGF 2019 by means of an opening event at day zero. By providing a platform for discussing the parliamentary dimension of Internet Governance we want to connect especially members of parliaments dealing with digital affairs as well as stakeholders from other areas. This event serves as a starting point for an ongoing debate during the IGF 2019 in Berlin, about how we achieve an international parliamentary networking about Data Governance, Digital Inclusion as well as Security, Safety, Stability and Resilience for the good of the citizens.
This event is planned as a discussion- and networking-kickoff event within the day zero framework: To allow a broad discussion involving perspectives from different countries, we suggest to have a short keynote from the host countries representatives, followed by an open mic – phase, where in a first step members of parliaments are invited to shortly share their perspective (presentation of name; country; party; topics they are interested in; no longer than two minutes). Then, in a second step, we suggest an open mic – phase for all other stakeholders willing to contribute to the debate (presentation of name; country; institution; topics they are interested in). Afterwards, there should be the possibility for networking among the stakeholders.