IGF 2020 Pre-Event #13 Internet Society's Collaborative Leadership Exchange (CLX)

Tuesday, 3rd November, 2020 (11:00 UTC) - Tuesday, 3rd November, 2020 (14:00 UTC)
Room 1
About this Session
The Internet Society's 'Collaborative Leadership Exchange (CLX)’ will bring together experts and newcomers in an 'unconference' style to dialogue on how we can altogether grow and strengthen the Internet.
Register to the session: https://internetsociety.wufoo.com/forms/igf2020isoc-collaborative-leadership-exchange/

Internet Society


The objective of the Internet Society's 'Collaborative Leadership Exchange (CLX)’ is to bring together experts and newcomers in an 'unconference' style to dialogue about the Future of the Internet. All IGF participants are welcome to network, build relationships, exchange ideas, discuss key local / regional Internet governance issues, and explore applicable solutions to IG issues.  

The 2020 CLX is focused on Internet Society's projects on growing and strengthening the Internet.

The session will facilitate the integration of the inputs and experiences of different stakeholder groups, and contribute to building communities of learning and fostering relationships that create a multiplier effect on that cascades throughout the IGF week of activities, and beyond. 

This CLX builds on a successful model launched at the 2012 Global INET, and then replicated at all Global IGF meetings since 2013. The session will take the format of an "unconference", with equal parts of peer-to-peer style learning and engagement, networking and relationship building, interactive discussions and promotion of increased collaboration between actors in the Internet ecosystem.

After this session, participants will be more than prepared for he IGF week! 

We look forward to seeing you among the attendees! 

Note: Pre-registration is required as we need to know the number of people participating in advance to successfully organized the session: https://internetsociety.wufoo.com/forms/igf2020isoc-collaborative-leadership-exchange/