IGF 2020 Pre-Event #22
The Polish Relish : Fresh Ideas

Internet Voices


We aim to Create a mind exploration journey with young people collectively collaborating to solve problems under a banner of critical and pragmatic solution-oriented outcomes.

This Ideathon will place young people in diverse groups they are unfamiliar with to create synergies , where a series of timed and prepared questions will guide them to create solutions for a presented case.

The modality of this is based on authenticity ,flexibility and interoperability of young minds in the IG community.

The Ideathon will boost incentive participation by awarding and collaborating of the top projects with to its implementation and fruition.

We understand the importance of a young relevant culture, hence our Ideathon will also involve a social media challenge of the best dance/art to support inclusion of the majority in the internet space.

We shall use elements of multimedia and games to easily send messages, and each session shall have entertainment breaks where we shall welcome artists to showcase their work, from poetry performance with quick analysis, music, dance, and paintings.

Example of games: IG/ Tech Jargon Charades, IGF Acronyms challenge

Dancing with The Data: This is a short physical activity that will have balls with messages, the balls will be thrown randomly and the reader will dance and explain the concept as they pass the ball to someone else,

Our session will start with a debate about the IGF themes with debaters who will bring contrasting opinions about the matters with the aim of quenching more questions and solutions. This ideathon will be a safe space of innovation and expression both on-site and virtual.

A recommendation report
Projects from youth
A new network of attendees
New artistic ways of disseminating Internet Governance themes
A list of the most potent questions seeking answers and solutions in the IG Arena.

This will be a fun driven event that shall end with a dance session ,so we tend to get young people in the spirit of the IGF community.