IGF 2020 Pre-Event #38 MyData for smooth post-COVID19 recovery. How can ethical data sharing help build a more resilient future.

Monday, 2nd November, 2020 (07:40 UTC) - Monday, 2nd November, 2020 (09:10 UTC)
Room 3
About this Session
This session will feature the following panelists:
- Jaana Sinipuro from Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA
- Razi Latif from UN Technology Innovation Lab Finland / Global Pulse
- Katryna Dow from Meeco
- Joss Langford from Coelition
Karolina Mackiewicz, MyData Global will moderate the session.

Join to discuss with the experts from different sectors on the "new normal".
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The session is organised by MyData Global, an international non-profit which advocates for a human-centric approach to personal data, based in Finland. 


MyData Global invites you to the multi-stakeholder panel on the topic: MyData for smooth post-COVID19 recovery. How can ethical personal data sharing help build a more resilient future.

The digital response needs to be human-centric and needs to consider and balance:

  • Individual rights
  • Collective good
  • Long lasting effects technological choices and policies may have.

While the whole world is still looking for ways to curb and combat COVID-19, the questions about how the post-COVID-19 world will look are surfacing. How will the "new normal" look like? 

The panel, which brings the representatives of government, civic organization, technical communities and business, from different parts of the world, will discuss the concerns and gaps in building the new economic and social order, with the aim to identify concrete solutions. One would be the need for the increased data interoperability, which would help the overwhelmed health and social authorities. They would be able to coordinate better the exchange of information about the patient by collecting their health record, employment history and other information for e.g. payment of the social benefits. The other would be the need for increased trust. 

The panel will feed in into the discussions raised by the IGF 2020, especially in the thematic tracks on data, inclusion and trust.

The answers to the following policy questions will be sought:

  • What are/should be the rights and responsibilities for individuals in determining the use of their personal data?
  • How to ensure transparency and accountability in the gathering and handling of personal data?
  • How do we manage the social inclusion within the community affected with technology, as the ICT could bring the change in their social relation?
  • What role can the implementation of the principles of safety by design, privacy by design and by default as a principle play to secure human rights and achieve increased safety?