IGF 2020 Pre-Event #43 How 5G will help economies to rebound from the pandemic?

Monday, 2nd November, 2020 (11:25 UTC) - Monday, 2nd November, 2020 (12:25 UTC)
Room 2

Huawei Poland


The Covid-19 pandemic has become a catalyst for social and technological processes that will permanently change the world as we know it. The need to isolate people forced new behaviors both in the sphere of work and leisure. Suddenly, trends that were timidly crawling became standard. Massive use of teleinformatic networks meant that operators faced a gigantic challenge of serving customers' needs. The limitations of the technologies already in use should encourage decision-makers to quickly implement 5G technology, which will stimulate economic development in a post-pandemic world and remove the limitations we encounter today. In his speech, Aleksander Jakubczak (Senior Marketing Manager CEE & Nordic European Region at Huawei Technologies) will focus on opportunities that 5G opens for global economies, including the sheer scale of the economic impact that IoT will have. This includes, among others, accelerated data transfer, reduced delays, increased network capacity, better diagnostics through advanced telemedicine, development of autonomous vehicles, improved safety of employees and optimization of operations. The dissemination of the 5G standard will result in the fact that each branch of the economy will gain new development opportunities and will be forced to transform. Companies and counties that do not stand in this race will lose their position, especially in the context of current crisis.