IGF 2020 WS #235 Embracing Digital Spaces in the Times of Covid19


Organizer 1: Civil Society, African Group
Organizer 2: Technical Community, Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)
Organizer 3: Civil Society, African Group
Organizer 4: Technical Community, Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)
Organizer 5: Civil Society, African Group

Speaker 1: Innocent Adriko, Civil Society, African Group
Speaker 2: Lisa nyamadzawo, Civil Society, African Group
Speaker 3: Lily Edinam Botsyoe, Technical Community, African Group
Speaker 4: Arthur Oyako, Civil Society, African Group


Debate - Auditorium - 90 Min

Policy Question(s)

How do we create synergies among the multi-stakeholder model that the youth base are gainers of policy and participate in policy decisions to further inclusion in the policy sector? Is the available infrastructure, the digital state of the world compatible with the culture and interoperable contingencies of current modern agendas example covid19? Does technology inclusion dehumanize evolution and environmental mastery? How do we improve and create a youth generation that can be used as human capital adept to adaptable to the social, economical, political-cultural digital sustainable transformative nature? Are policymakers inclusive and keen to the growing demand of a crisis based population in terms of influencing and coordinating aptitudes of internet users, who are unaware of the unequal share of digital dividends and how do we balance equal share? Should different digital economies face different digital adversities and how do we break digital authoritarianism?

We have a growing and substantial youth base that needs to fully adapt to a digital revolution enforced especially by the corona crisis, children from developing countries with limited infrastructure and living under impoverished conditions are lagging in terms of education and can not possibly study and match with the privileged few who are able to study yet the digital divide grows in a crisis, and its a challenge that most of us developing countries face a different reality, we want to address the reality of this matter. With cases of shutdowns, online extremism, censorship, and unstable infrastructures how can we people from developing countries work from home with unfavorable conditions whilst maintaining a livelihoods? We propose an opportunity of trust based inclusion that empowers young people and the multi stakeholder model to full embrace the problems that normal netizens face, We aim to address the flawed positions of basic safety online as working from home people , the access to digital rights, freedom of expressions access to the infrastructure of connectivity and importantly as we work from home dependant on the creative upgrades of digital transformation how do we dismantle the digital authoritarianism to fully gain inclusion as an equal internet for all? The tools we use in lockdowns are they secure and how can use data protection and progressive policy to influence sustainable covid19 alignment as we face and mitigate a crisis as youth we shall share the our own views on the matter as we propose solutions to such a crisis that the collective netizens have faced


GOAL 4: Quality Education
GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
GOAL 10: Reduced Inequalities


Simple is the most complex ideal that man has sustained since the beginning of time, our is simple how do we inspire objectivity through proper conversation and dialect on matters of how do we ensure survival whilst we have localized content to know how we are valued in being included by total ownership and understanding on how we can include ourselves in the universe of contrasting policies and impractical digital unified messages, We are pushed into a corner where we need to be able to adapt to digital resources and utilize them to sustain a livelihood yet we don't have safe spaces and environments that equip us with the curiosity and mechanisms to create net innovators let alone civil servants and students enabled with the access to adapt to the accessible resources and create meaningful and life empowering inclusion. We shall use our session to question the reality of the state of inclusion and if it's equally distributed under the banner of Internet of all, are we the curiosity-driven culture that embraces experimentation of all people at a basic language backed with meaningful quality access and empowered communities especially in marginalized communities, our opportunity is to reimburse the digital dividend with ways of how modern people learn and increment it to boost inclusion and align with the changing times of Covid19 as creative destruction is an empowering venture ot our generating thriving on open data, and easy access to information. In this era of a pandemic, we call for agility safe spaces not driven by the government nor corporate interest rather humanistic driven for social benefit. Inclusion is based on the motive of resource availability and ability to utilize it for benefit of the human cause broken down to the specific reality of particular societies that's how we are able to learn and willing to navigate through the barriers of access and fully achieve meaningful inclusion. Our session aims to be a collective conscious dive into the reality we are forced in and our stories on how to adapt and truly achieve our universal goal of a safe and free internet for all. Rumble Netizens, Rumble

Expected Outcomes

We expect at first to have a woke room of Netizens demanding change and progress, that shall be recruited into our movement of woke emerging youth citizens wanting a better internet and working for that intent, this shall cascade into a report to be shared to our respective governments and institutions to create actionable workpans and partner with our movement to improve our digitization of modern civilization agendas and a manifesto we aim to collectively create.

We are all young people widely adapted to the rebel culture of ice breaking to curate conversations from social media to interactive web 3.0 each platform from TikTok to twitter is to capitalized on to form a message that aligns to our target group .

Relevance to Internet Governance: One of the core meaning of Internet governance is it has no agreeable definition and we as the youth contributing to crisis management are ready to innovate and curate open dialogues and actionable results that will be used as protocols for future visionaries in tackling crises faced by Netizens and young internet leaders.

Relevance to Theme: Inculsion in these times is the fixer of how humanity adopts to master the circumnavigation of a pandemic, with more voices and mere representation we can capitalize on diversity and gain a whole new undertaking of how the aerial photograph of inclusion can be boosted to reach each home and segmented demographics our sessions sees how the conflicting multistakeholder approach can reach a consensus and aid in a smooth transition of an amicable inclusive and empowered society especially now where exponential penetration of the internet as a resource is needed more than ever in this pandemic. Our session views the impact of the pandemic in a youthful and social economical and political cultural sphere of a growing humanity as analysed demographically we aim to align to the truth and contribute to the future of a progressive inclusion.

Online Participation


Usage of IGF Official Tool. Additional Tools proposed: All social media platforms shall be used and and a digital strategy to build up attention through online challenges and memes to gain attention to our targeted youth base