IGF 2020 WS #276 DNS encryption and internet fragmentation


Organizer 1: Technical Community, Eastern European Group
Organizer 2: Civil Society, Eastern European Group
Organizer 3: Technical Community, Intergovernmental Organization

Speaker 1: Xiaodong Lee Lee , Technical Community, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 2: paul vixie, Technical Community, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 3: Leonid Todorov, Technical Community, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 4: Olga Makarova, Private Sector, Eastern European Group


Round Table - U-shape - 90 Min

Policy Question(s)

How can best practices of mobilizing global consensus on major technical, security and policy issues can be factored into a multistakeholder-driven policy process required to balance trust and security on the Internet?

The workshop aims at exploring pros and cons of a DoH deployment. While allegedly promoting privacy on the Internet, the technology seems to be eroding the state of security and shifts the balance towards a narrow group of private Internet service operators thereby derailing the current equilibrium to the prejudice of both internet business and end-users. A multistakeholder panel of international experts will debate a range of policy options which benefit the global community and individual stakeholder groups.


GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


DoH/DoT are widely considered to be a game changer that will affect the way the Internet works . Concentration of DNS queries in a few major focal points leads to a possible fragmentation of the internet and challenges the principle of transparency and accountability of private companies that run the DNS infrastructure. DoH/DoT make one revise the existing patterns of collaboration between major telecom players, including ISPs and CDN operators. and require that respective policies be developed under the multistakeholder community’s close supervision.

Expected Outcomes

The workshop is envisaged to contribute to the ongoing and future debate on core policy matters underpinning the Internet’s advancement and the community’s search for a due balance between Internet technologies, values and principles

We plan for the session to give participants an opportunity to ask panelists questions and to comment on their statements.

Relevance to Internet Governance: The session is intended to highlight on one of the most critical matters on the IG agenda, that is, a due balance between trust and security in the interests of major stakeholders.

Relevance to Theme: Whilst the Internet has found itself in the center of the global public debate on fundamental human rights in the context of emerging technologies, it is paramount to explore the way policy issues could affect core principles and values behind the Internet’s advancement.

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