IGF 2021 - Day 1 - Lightning Talk #67 Overcoming knowledge gaps for effective policy

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>> We all live in a digital world. We all need it to be open and safe. We all want to trust.

>> And to be trusted.

>> We all despise control.

>> And desire freedom.

>> We are all united.

>> Hello. This is the Deputy Attorney from the Attorney General of Nepal. I'd like to share something about these issues for policy. I think that effective policy is met with clear understanding. If we have a clear understanding, we can minimize the gap of the knowledge to develop the effective policy. We can share the knowledge and information with each other. Then effective policy, we can make for common policies. It is important. So every effective policy should be met by bridging the knowledge gap. And sharing the ideas with each other. So that to minimize the knowledge gap, we should have to share the ideas with each other. We should share the experiences of each other. So that we can make effective policy and guidance for doing each and every subject which we want to make for our knowledge and experiences so effective policy can guide the rules and regulations as policy or other policies which is very much important. Knowledge gaps will be minimized for developing effective policy, I think. Thank you.