IGF 2021 Dynamic Coalition Sessions

Below is the list of accepted IGF 2021 sessions organized by Dynamic Coalitions (DC), following the clearance process of all received proposals.

DCs are open, multistakeholder groups dedicated to an Internet governance issue or set of issues. 

Dynamic Coalition Title

Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability

IGF 2021 DCAD Challenges & Opportunities for PWDs in a Post Covid World

Dynamic Coalition on Children's Rights in the the Digital Environment

IGF 2021 DCCOS Regulate or prevent to protect children – a false dichotomy?

Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity

IGF 2021 DC3 Sustainable Funding Models for Community Networks

Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values

IGF 2021 DC-CIV Internet Regulation during Crisis One Year Later

Dynamic Coalition on Data Driven Health Technologies

IGF 2021 DC-DDHT Health Matters: Data & Technology In The Healthcare Sector
Dynamic Coalition on Data and Trust IGF 2021 Dynamic Coalition on Data and Trust

Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance

IGF 2021 DC-Gender Tangled like Wool: Gender, Social & Digital Inequalities

Dynamic Coalition on Internet & Jobs

IGF 2021 DC-Jobs Changing Jobs & Skillsets Post COVID - How Internet can Help

Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles

IGF 2021 IRPC The Charter at 10: Achievements, challenges and what’s next?

Dynamic Coalition on Internet Standards, Security and Safety

IGF 2021 DC-ISSS DC-ISSS: Making the Internet more secure and safer

Dynamic Coalition on Internet Universality Indicators

IGF 2021 DC-IUI UNESCO's call to all stakeholders to support ROAM and the DC

Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality

IGF 2021 DCNN Device Neutrality and Interoperability for Internet Openness

Dynamic Coalition on Platform Responsibility

IGF 2021 DCPR Platform Interoperability: Understanding a Complex Issue

Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries

IGF 2021 DC-PAL Public Access: Driving a Community-Based Development Model

Dynamic Coalition on Schools of Internet Governance

IGF 2021 DC-SIG Rising to current challenges facing Schools of IG

Dynamic Coalition on Small Island Developing States in the Internet Economy

IGF 2021 DC-SIDS The Pandemic Internet: Ensuring SIDS do not fall behind

Dynamic Coalition on the Sustainability of Journalism and News Media

IGF 2021 DC-Sustainability Internet governance and news media sustainability

Youth Coalition on Internet Governance

IGF 2021 YCIG Youth in the decision-making process: hear us!