IGF 2021 Lightning Talk #22 Online Trust: Insights from Gen Z

Tuesday, 7th December, 2021 (08:00 UTC) - Tuesday, 7th December, 2021 (08:30 UTC)
Ballroom C

Lori Schulman, International Trademark Association, Private Sector, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)


Pawel Lipski, Bird & Bird Poland, Private Sector, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)

Onsite Moderator
Pawel Lipski
Online Moderator

Lori Schulman


Charles Shaban



Duration (minutes)



In 2019, INTA conducted a global study on Gen Z Insights with respect to Brands and Counterfeit Products. This study is to be followed with the release of a new report on Brand Restrictions: A View from Gen Zers and Millenials in June 2021. The findings from both studies illuminates trends across youth from very different geopolitical locations with respect to their self-image, online purchasing decisions, and concerns for sustainability and social inclusion. The results of the studies will be shared and include discussion points around the following policy questions: In what ways might Gen Z attitudes influence Internet Governance policy development? What policies should be considered to engender trust and inclusion among Gen Z youth? To what extent do ethics impact youth views and trust in online commerce? What balancing principles occur for Gen Z constituents when ethics, safety, and financial concerns collide? And, What regional differences exist with respect to online purchasing behavior across Gen Z youth?

The session touches on the Economic and social inclusion and human rights main focus area for IGF 2021 and also on the Trust, security, stability IGF 2021 Emerging and cross-cutting issue area.

Links to background resources: https://www.inta.org/perspectives/gen-z-insights-brands-and-counterfeit-products/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nviWkDhRtMU

The session organizers intend to utilize instant polling mechanisms to gauge audience members’ estimates re: Gen Z attitudes, their own level of trust with respect to online transactions and their understanding of representation of brands and choice in the Internet ecosystem. The near-instant results will allow the presenter to adapt the presentation and focus on the areas of the study that came as the biggest surprise to the respondents. The speaker will also address the results. We plan to use Zoom and Menti which is an online polling application. Zoom will allow the free flow of information, between onsite participants and offline participants. Menti is a simple to use polling application where we can ask interactive questions with immediate responses. If Menti is not available in Poland, we will find a similar app or we may use the Zoom voting feature (or whatever feature is available through the IGF platform).

The link to the 2019 study referenced in the proposal is included. The link to the 2021 study will be provided after it is released. This data will be brand new and should be of relevance to policy makers.