IGF 2021 Lightning talks

Below is the list of accepted IGF 2021 Lightning talks, following the clearance process of all received proposals.

Town Halls are interactive sessions organized by entities dealing with Internet governance-related issues of international scope. Through town hall sessions, stakeholders exchange views on topical and controversial Internet governance issues. This session type is particularly suitable for current and emerging issues. They focus on Internet governance-pertinent activities  and allow sufficient time for questions and discussions. 

Mauritius IGF Future of Internet Governance in Africa: Children & Sextortion

Digital Futures Aotearoa

Digital Equity Coalition Aotearoa
Coordinating digital inclusion efforts in New Zealand: Digital Equity Coalition Aotearoa
Office for Mexico and Central America Tackling digital and social inequalities in a "combo" approach: Why we need to aim higher than technosolutionism?
Farsight Security when surveillance capitalists redesign tcp/ip
Internet Society of China Accelerating Information Accessibility for the Ageing Population
University College London - Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP) Exploring Co-Regulatory Mechanisms on Platform Governance in the Indian Policy Context
Media Matters for Democracy Connecting The Disconnected: A documentary on internet shutdown in Gilgit Baltistan
INTA Online Trust: Insights from Gen Z
Nextcloud The Internet as a Public Utility
IEEE Rebuilding Trust: A Path Toward More Holistic Cybersecurity
Center for Technology and Society/FGV Law School

"I silenced myself": Brazilian female activists' perspectives on online targeted harassment
Kelp.Digital Digital creative market: how can we protect users and ensure freedom in light of the new EU Copyright Directive?
Queer in AI AI vs. Our Bodies
eSafety Commissioner Australia’s approach to regulating online harms – navigating the great balancing act of the digital age.
The IO Foundation Project Lockdown: Using data to assess the impact of policies on human and digital rights.
Open Internet Democracy Initiative The unexplored Dichotomy of Internet Access and Online Hate
Gato.Earth Creative strategies to tackle the intersection between digital technologies and the climate emergency
Beyond.pl Green data processing for sustainable growth

International Federation of Film Producers Associations

Local Audiovisual Content for Local Cultures - What Role for the Internet? A Discussion with Sarah Migwi, Co-founder & Managing Director, Protel Studios Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya
Open Earth Foundation The Key Role of Internet Governance in Building a Global Climate Accounting System
Institute for Internet & the Just Society The role of privacy in antitrust policy in highly data-driven markets
Freedom House Freedom on the Net: The Best and Worst Practices in Internet Regulation
Polylat Overcoming knowledge gaps for effective policy
Internet Society Measuring Internet Resilience and Shutdowns: An overview of Internet Society's Pulse platform

Creative Poland Association

Artificial intelligence in creative industries. The potential for development or a threat to human creativity.

Creative Poland Association

New technologies as a challenge for the sustainable access and circulation of cultural goods.

Paradigm Initiative

Introducing Ayeta and RIPOTI Toolkits
Research Association Data Privacy Brasil Police, law enforcement and data protection: regulating investigations for procedural justice and as a fundamental human rights
Consumer Reports Platform Responsibility for Dangerous Products
Asociación por los Derechos Civiles (ADC) Digital accessibility is a right: keys to building accessible digital environments
Pirate Parties International Legalize File Sharing! The Case of European Citizen Initiative "Freedom to Share"
INAI Data Governance in Mexico
DIGITAL EDU PORTAL Encryption and human rights: towards a total obligation to protect privacy and freedom of expression.
INHOPE Rapid notice & takedown - the key to getting child sexual abuse off the internet fast
UN Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR)

What is a confidence-building tool? The case for Cyber Policy Portal